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Get to know our innovative Filmfabriek scanners. Simple, affordable and amazing quality! Filmfabriek Media Platform is our digital solution for managing your film archive. All our scanners are equipped with wetgate, a must-have to remove scratches while scanning. All our products are easy to setup and to use. Installations can be done both online and on-site.




Production of Filmfabriek is up and running at full speed. Shortage of (electronical) components is a world-wide issue. However, our team managed to adapt to these challenging circumstances. Where needed we could make use of our stock supply.…

Filmfabriek supports digital days conference

Filmfabriek is present at the digital days conference from 8-10 December 2020. A digital event, focusing on opportunities and challenges of the digitization of businesses. A short video (1 minute) shows how we implement digitation of analogue…

Filmfabriek announces 2 new models in FIAF ‘Journal of Film Preservation’

We are proud to be a FIAF supporter. Their magazine 'Journal of Film Preservation' is recognized as one of the leading sources of research in film preservation.    

“Generally, very pleased with the machine.  I’ve run about 50,000 feet on it over the last two years (minus the months of lockdown of course), and its simplicity and elegance make it a pleasure to work with. Also, customer service is prompt, and the team understands the issues of archivists, which help prevent downtime in the lab.”

“We at RI-PRESE use an HDS+ Filmfabriek scanner to digitize and preserve home movies of the city of Venice and so protect its unparalleled memories, slowly fading away. A machine like this allows us to carry out our mission with superb quality, for every format, relying on an excellent technical support.
Since the beginning our relationship with Filmfabriek has been based on a great humanity: we had just been hit by November 2019 high water, which had severely damaged our activities. We found in them an empathy that soon turned into cooperation and friendship.”

“Leon and Bas joined us at our office to set up our HDS+ scanner in late May they were friendly and professional. Our clients have been delighted with our new stylish equipment as we are the specialist in digitisation, the Filmfabriek team and equipment have made it possible for us to continue our relationship with our prestigious clients and further our ability to deliver excellent digitisation services. We hope to continue our relationship with the Filmfabriek team.” 

“Since 2013, a framescanner by filmfabriek is our everyday working horse. The versatility and great image quality combined with the restoration software allow us to achieve perfect results. Handling and workflow of the machine are efficient, so that we can offer attractive pricing.”

“Even though there are several high-profile solutions for small gauge film digitization, Národní filmový archiv has selected HDS+ 4K scanner by FilmFabriek BV mainly because of it’s vision to deliver a sustainable product. Thanks to it’s openness, modularity and clever approach to solving difficult problems, HDS+ allows us to digitize film heritage reliably in the state-of-the art quality, with a future-proof hardware. 

The mission of Národní filmový archiv, Prague (NFA) is to preserve cinema heritage, to further its public understanding and to facilitate the development of the Czech audiovisual industry and film culture. NFA was set up in 1943 and in 1946 became a member of the International Federation of Film Archives – FIAF. In 1997 it became a founding member of the Association of European Film Archives and Cinematheques, ACE (Association des Cinémathéques Européenes).”

“The Filmfabriek HDS+ 4K film scanner has opened many doors for us and our clients. Its stunningly beautiful images allow us to work toward preserving existing archival material as well as promote the next generation of motion picture film users.” 

Here’s my feedback after using the SteadyGate on all film formats :

Your SteadyGate is doing a good job !
The film format that your scanner was best at stabilizing without SteadyGate was the 9.5mm, and with the SteadyGate it still does a great job, even a better job sometimes.

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