Since our start, 10 years ago, Filmfabriek offers multi-format high-end frame-by-frame film scanners at competitive prices. Our HDS 4K+ film scanner is used by archives and studios worldwide, to digitize their valuable archival film collections. More than 100 archives, museums, universities and studios use our products world-wide.

High-end Filmfabriek solution available in small scanner – Filmfabriek Pictor

Now, our high-end solution is available in a new small 8mm film scanner! The Filmfabriek Pictor can handle all 8mm and s8mm material, both archival and fresh films. Because it profits from the same high-quality exposure solution as its bigger family member, the HDS+ film scanner, both reversal and negative film stock can be digitized at the best quality. The Pictor is the world’s first 8mm film scanner equipped with a wetgate!

We offer two models: The Pictor HD and the Pictor Pro. The Pictor HD does 1920×1080 (overscan) and comes with the wetgate module. The Pictor Pro offers 2K resolutions on the frame and does offer overscan as well. Next to that the Pro version offers audio capture. The wetgate module is included as well. Both models offer scanning speeds up to 25 fps.

More info about the Pictor Pro.

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